Send emails to client or employee mobiles.
  • No new apps to install - use
    • Outlook
    • Live Mail
    • Mac Mail
    • and most others
  • Fast, Quick and Cheap
    • Removes hassle
    • Costs mere pence
  • Mobiles reply as emails
    • e2text does it all for you
  • Economic, inclusive packages
    • No pre-pay required - use only when needed
  • Use stuff you're already used to
    • Email
    • and SMS
    • you can use e2text straightaway

Text is rarely used for marketing or spam.
It is more efficient at engaging an audience than email

Using a link to a web page in a text message
allows you to drive up your website traffic

Text works in poor signal areas because of the simpler format

Writing text on a PC is easier than using a mobile phone

Both email and text traffic are stored on your PC
making it easy to follow a conversation

Message "threading" allows you to see your original message - when you receive a reply

Messages can be retrieved easily at a later date
in the event of a query, or for security

Your company name can be displayed on messages
for added impact

You can hold multiple conversations with text
- more easily than by mobile

E2text is entirely compatible with Microsoft Outlook,
Mac Mail, your existing email or database/CRM

Free replies by email

No ties.
30-day notice contract

E2text provides invoicing on account with 30 days credit