About Us

E2text has been providing text messaging solutions since 2006, and we're proud to say many customers who joined us then are still with us today.

From the outset we wanted to provide a service that was really easy to use and had great customer support.

Initially popular with recruitment companies, our service has a wide application on both public and private sectors. Organisations like the NHS, British Gas and Evolution Recruitment know that they can rely on our service, day in, day out. This is because, unlike many SMS 'providers' out there, we built e2text from the ground-up and have maintained the service since its launch.

Being close to our customers and the technology has enabled us to organically evolve the service and to be able to provide bespoke solutions to real-world problems. Some of these features, like threaded messaging, local in-country mobile reply numbers and individual mobile sender ID instead of a number, which have been developed for a single client, have gone on to benefit many of our customers down the line.