How it works
  • Email to Text
    1. Write an email
      • Recipient: mobile number
        (details will be given when you request your free trial)
        plus an Optional Subject
      • You can enter multiple e2text or normal email addresses
    2. Click Send
      • Your email is sent to e2text, and comes out on the mobile as a text
  • Text to Email
    1. On the mobile where the text has been received
      • Press Reply
      • Compose your message
      • Press Send
    2. An email is sent
      • E2text will send an email from (say) back to the email writer
    3. The email writer can then reply
      • ... and the conversation can continue on

Texts are rarely used for marketing or spam, so are much more efficient at engaging an audience than email

Using a link to a webpage within a text message allows you to drive up your website traffic

Texts work in poor signal areas because they are a simple format

Writing texts with a PC is much easier than using a mobile phone

Both email and text traffic are stored on your PC making it easy to follow a conversation

Message threading allows you to see your original message when you receive a reply

Messages can be retrieved easily at a later date in the event of a query, or for security reasons

You can hold multiple conversations on text more easily than talking on a mobile

Entirely compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, your existing email or database / CRM - if you can send email, you can send texts with e2text

Free replies by email
No ties, 30-day notice contract
Invoicing on account with 30 days credit