There are numerous occasions when you need to get a message to someone fast.
  • An appointment has been changed...
  • A meeting has been cancelled...
  • An urgent new job has come up...
  • A field operator needs directions...
  • A customer's car is ready...
  • A patient's prescription can be collected...
  • A new property has come on the market and is ready for viewing...
  • e2text :
    • Links PCs with mobile phones
    • Uses your normal email app - e.g. Microsoft Outlook
    • Sends mobile replies back to you as emails
    • Works with any phone that can send texts
  • Use e2text to :
    • Contact all your sales team with just one message
    • Advertise a job to all your registered candidates
    • Send appointment reminders
    • Communicate with your drivers
    • Alert customers when work has been completed
    • Communicate your News first

97% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes of receipt
Mobile Marketing Association 2012

With the effect of spam filters, only 22% of emails are ever opened
Frost and Sullivan 2010 & Epsilon 2009

Response rates for text are 8 to 30 times better than email if you're promoting a service or product
various sources